Shiv Subham Parivar

It all began on 13th February 2005 from our first showroom at the Galleria Mall in Powai, Mumbai.

The secret behind the success of Shiv Shubham Jewellers Pvt Ltd. is the dedicated team. The group is working towards becoming one of the leading jewellery retailers in Mumbai. They introduced many innovative designs which range from everyday wear to delicately crafted pieces and made them available for every woman and thus, carved a niche for the group among people.

In essence Shiv Shubham Jewellers, understands that the relationship a woman shares with her jewellery goes beyond a particular design of a gem and becomes an integral part of her true spirit and style.

Today, we are the favorite jewellery destination for every occasion, from pieces for a woman for every day wear to pieces delicately made for the biggest day of her life. Our innovative ways are also evident in retail. All our stores have highly experienced staff who make sure that every customer leaves the Shiv Shubham jewelry shop completely satisfied.

At Shiv Shubham Jewelers, we strive to offer you the largest design collection curated for every occasion. We do not sell just jewellery, but a unique jewellery shopping experience at your fingertips!

Our Vision

To become one of the best jewellers by 2020. So as to ensure Customer Delight & Preference by achieving excellence in Quality & service with perpetual growth.

Our Values

1. Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence is about reviewing and raising the performance level to achieve competitive advantage, setting & meeting stretched targets & exceeding performance commitment. It means discouraging mediocrity in others and ourselves and not allowing status quo.

2. Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation is sensitivity and responsiveness to the market and customer needs for high quality in existing as well as new products and services, with deliveries as committed. It establishes positive long term relationships with both internal and external customers.

3. Integrity

The quality of being honest & having strong moral principles uprightness, sincerity, Truthfulness, Trustworthiness, Financial Honesty & Transparency.

4. Shubham Parivar

“Shubham Parivar” Philosophy is based on mutual respect , trust & dignity within which team spirit and high morale are of the upmost importance.